3D organizer and navigator of English verbal grammar
Memory-aid by "method of loci"
Ancient method reinvented with modern technology. Spacial positioning boosts your memory and helps to learn more in less time.
Verbal grammar navigator
Cube arrangement helps to see whole "grammar map" in 3D and instantly get to any reference table.
Ultimate grammar organizer
Order is efficiency. This is why professionals love organizers. Properly organized grammar is much easier to learn and teach!
Grammar-tool of the 21st century
Reference database of verbal forms has more than 150 grammar tables with instant interactive access to any of them.
Visualizer of hidden grammar mechanics
Color-coded verbal parts of a sentence projected on the Cube. It helps to see grammar working in real time!
Booster for language learning
Disruptive teaching technology brings students to IELTS 4.5-5.0 level 3-5 times faster.
3D models
Here you can get interactive 3D models of the Grammar Cube. You are welcome to use it for learning and teaching. It is free and will always remain free. Comments, pics, videos and any other form of feedback is appreciated.

Huge thanks to Soft8Soft for their Verge3D technology!


Mobile app
[in progress]
Group grammar lesson in class
Individual grammar lesson
I see continuous efforts of creative teachers all over the world to help their students.
Among these, the Grammar Cube has grabbed my attention. It is the first solution
that provides a complete 3D model of verbal core of English language. It visualizes
complex grammar structure in form of a Rubik cube, making verbs and tenses easy to
teach and learn.
I imagine it implemented in numerous Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR)
solutions for personal and mass learning. Most importantly it should be made available
in form of a mobile app so that it can be the perfect tool kit in the pockets of
learners worldwide.
Heike Philp
CEO of "let's talk online sprl" (Brussels)
A trial lesson of teaching grammar with Grammar Cube has shown high level of children engagement. Grammar lesson quickly turned into a grammar quest where kids were often quicker than their teachers. Everybody had so much fun that nobody wanted to end this lesson!!!

Linguistics center
"YES - Your English Start"
Vladikavkaz, Russia
I had been studying English for so many years... I worked through different handbooks, took numerous courses and paid hefty sums to private native and non-native tutors. Results were very moderate (to say the least!).

Once I added Grammar Cube to my studies I had a feeling as if someone switched on the light in the dark and gave me a map! Grammar became so simple and clear!!!
University teacher
Pyatigorsk, Russia
Learning English by Grammar Cube-based technology with teacher Nick went so quickly! Logically structured grammar material became founding framework for my further studies. By the end of the course I understood that I have a clear picture of English language and can master the rest completely myself.
Yessentuki, Russia


Nick Koretsky
project author, linguist, ESL teacher,

Grammar Cube inventor, author of the concept "Presenting language grammar through geometry" (Polytopial Grammar), 3D designer (Blender), visual coder (Verge3D), 2D artist (Inkscape, GIMP), musician (opera singing, guitar playing), engineer and researcher.
Elina Koretsky
project administrator, PR manager

Specialist in PR and management, MA in Social and Cultural activities, winner of the All-Russian competition "Young Analyst 2016", winner of the regional youth award in science and innovation "Award 2020", "You are an entrepreneur" state-program coach, winner of the youth forum "Mashuk"
+7 938 303 5514

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